Cummins Inc. is a company with complementary businesses, including diesel engines, air conditioning, filtration systems, emission solutions, and power generation systems, as a global leader in industrial, commercial, and military markets. Cummins Inc. designs, manufacture, sells, and services diesel and natural gas engines and related technologies such as fuel systems, controls, air treatment, filtration, and emissions solutions.Cummins-QuickServe_ Approximately 54,600 employees work in 190 countries and territories at Cummins headquarters in Columbus, Indiana, USA. The company offers products and services through 600 company-owned and independent sales offices and approximately 7,200 sales offices in 190 countries and territories. According to the company’s balance sheet, Cummins earned $1.65 billion in 2014, with sales of $19.2 billion.

The Cummins QuickServe online account is the single source of information for over 12 million engines in our database, which we use for all Cummins engine parts and service reference information. You can access resources and service information for registered Cummins engines, including operation and maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and wiring diagrams.

The Cummins QuickServe Online (QSOL) mobile app is now available for Android devices. The QSOL mobile app provides instant access to Cummins parts options, parts catalogs, and engine nameplate information for 15 million Cummins engine serial numbers (ESNs). In addition to giving trouble code details and analysis, the software includes a Cummins Electronic Engine Trouble Code Analyzer that explains how trouble codes relate to each other and recommends which code should have to fix it first.Cummins-QuickServe-Engine-Plant

Founded in 1919, Cummins has been operating for over a century. Founded 100 years ago, the company is still going strong. The company’s founders were Clessie Lyle Cummins and William Glanton Irwin. The company started developing a diesel engine about 20 years ago. During World War II, the engine developed by the company became very popular and was used in the heavy market for seven years, from 1952 to 1959.

A significant component of Cummins’ business is designing and manufacturing natural gas and diesel engines and filtration and power generation equipment. Besides manufacturing fuel systems and exhaust gas cleaners, the company specializes in manufacturing other equipment. There are several industries that the company supplies machinery to, including mining, railway, construction, maritime, and others.