Cummins has a solid social media presence, including multiple Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, and a strong presence on Instagram. A Cummins-engined heavy truck that has been in service for more than one year or has driven at least 1 million miles qualifies for this program. Members receive a Cummins brand certificate and gift box as a thank you upon joining the club.Cummins-QuickServe_ It is Cummins’s policy not only to be involved in numerous community initiatives since 1919 but also to focus on three global priorities to fulfill its mission. Members can also honor them in writing and at special events when they appear. Here’s some more information about Cummins QuickServe, so you know its benefits.

Benefits Of Cummins QuickServe

Destination Zero

They drive innovation in advanced diesel, natural gas, electrification, fuel cells, alternative fuels, and advanced energy solutions. Technological connectivity and automation can further increase efficiency, enable more innovative operations and reduce maintenance for customers and end-users. Your technical leadership will allow us to provide customers with the right solutions for their applications and ensure they have the right technologies.

Accommodation Requests

Cummins Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and provides reasonable accommodations to enable qualified applicants with disabilities to apply and compete for jobs. To request accommodation, email your request to Human Resources at [email protected] for assistance.

Promoting Opportunity And Equity

A fundamental commitment of Cummins is to remove barriers for racial, ethnic, and gender minorities, women, people with disabilities, the economically disadvantaged, immigrants, refugees, and the LGBTQ community. Cummins Powers Women is one of many Cummins programs dedicated to achieving gender equality.

Ethics And Compliance

As a company committed to good corporate governance, Cummins believes that a sustainable business depends on ethical behavior at all levels. The Corporate Ethics and Compliance organization is responsible for maintaining Cummins’ reputation as an honest company in the global marketplace as the company continues to grow.