The non-core businesses of Cummins Inc. are diesel and natural gas engines, fuel systems, controls, air treatment, filtration, emissions control, and power generation systems. The Cummins Quickserve support network includes more than 500 Cummins dealers and distributors supported by mobile technicians. In the coming years, the number of service points will undoubtedly increase significantly due to the rapid increase in engines worldwide.Cummins-QuickServe_ Cummins QuickServe specializes in oil and gas, automotive, energy, transportation, and more. The Quickserve online account portal offered by Cummins Inc. launched several features to enhance its exemplary services. Here are some of the features of the Cummins QuickServe Account by Cummins Inc.

Features Offered By Quickserve Cummins

Sales And Service

  • Generators & Power Systems Services: It offers reliable and comprehensive service and support for anyone needing routine maintenance on their generator set, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. In addition, our emergency service ensures that a technician is always available when seconds count and operations are critical. It offers an exclusive warranty, scheduled maintenance, and 24-hour emergency service for our generator sets.
  • On-Highway Services: In road services, Cummins QuickServe engines play a vital role in various industries, including marine, construction, mining, railroad, mining, agriculture, well maintenance, oil exploration, oil and gas, and manufacturing. As a team of qualified professionals, their services give you the peace of mind of being able to count on your team when you need it most.


  • Request Parts Quote: You can request a parts quote by visiting the Cummins Inc website at www.cummins.com. You can see the Parts and Services menu. In this menu, you will see the option “Request parts quote” in the Parts section of the Parts and Services menu. Click Request a parts quote. When you click “Request a parts quote,” you will see the online form.

Digital Products And Services

  • PrevenTech: It offers real-time remote monitoring and advanced analytics to avoid unplanned downtime, reduce costs, and have peace of mind in your business.